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Hi guys, i am new in this forum and i would like to ask something to you.I am going to have the composite exam in a month but i am worried about something.In the exam, for lab questions, the question mark and/or the tab key work or not?It is so ridiculous not to be given permission using these but i want to ask whether they are usable or not.Thanks for helping.


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    Usually you will have tab completion and ? help during the SIMs.

    In a SIMLET, if one of the testing objectives is to see if you know the specific proper command, then it may not be available.

    If a command isn't available, you either won't see it as an option in the SIM or SIMPLET with the ? or they will tell you it isn't available when you try to use it -- and then you should use plan B (or a different command).
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    mikej412 pretty much answered the question.

    Beware though that some commands won't be available depending on the scenario you are given.
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    Hmm, so if i am given a lab about stp for example, the question mark or tab keys do work about stp, but may not work while using show commands.i mean i can complete the lab job using these keys.While completing, these may not work if the commands i am using is not necessary or is not true.Am I right?sorry for asking so simply again and again.i don't wanna be misunderstood about this point.
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    Well the whole point of the exam is that you really master all the required knowledge beforehand so that you know exactly which commands you will need to complete the tasks.
    I wouldnt rely too much on the tab key and ? if i were you. Know your stuff and you will be fine.
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