Need to find a Net+ class!

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I took an A+ study course at my local community college. Class was once a week, for about 5 months. Schedule was great... Gave me time time work and study between classes. However, their Net+ class isn't until Spring icon_pale.gif.

Due to schedule, job, and future plans, I really need to take a Net+ class now! However, I can't find a course that has a schedule like the one I just mentioned (once a week). All I come across are these 5 day boot camps (for people already in the IT industry) or 2 year degree schools.

My problem is that I do not know where to look around for Net+ classes! I've exhausted the resources in my local paper, Google and yellow pages. I just don't know where else to look. Are there any sites that may help me find something (Net+ course) locally? Can anyone suggest anything... Anything at all?

I'm in such a bind.


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    Why not self study? Find a family member/friend/wife or girlfriend to keep you on track and have at it. You'll need a computer with Windows, a linux live CD or run a VM, a router (nothing fancy a Linksys/DLink/Netgear will work, better if you get one with wireless capabilities) and a wireless adapter to play with wireless.

    Linux is free, assuming you have a router and running windows right now, a book costs < $100, a wireless adapter < $50. Overall cost $200ish if you have to upgrade your router.

    Boot camps are expensive. Network+ books are 600+ pages? Can you learn and master that in 5 days?
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    Xenz wrote: »
    Why not self study? .?


    A+ and NET+ are easy enough that with some hands-on (the more the better) reviewing the objectives and studying along-side Meyers and Sybex books, you should have no problem.

    And the PDF from this site should prove somewhat helpful. It is from the last set of objectives, but you'll find most of that material is still covered, you'll simply need to do a little research on the topics not covered in that PDF.

    Classes should not be necessary for A+ and NET+.
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    Classes are worthless wastes of money.

    I took an A+ class just because I'm new to IT and was a little skittish about going it on my own.

    Guess what? After the class was over, I still have to spend every night memorizing the material.

    The best tip I can give you is to get a spaced repetition program to help with the memorization and a good book and go to work.
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    These guys are right, don't waste your money on a class. Hit, get a couple of books and start hanging'll do just fine.
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    The problem I have with college classes teaching A+/Net+ is the fact that the classes are dumbed down for people who have never used a computer before. Unless your college has really good professors, many will not work with you on an accelerated program that will challenge you.

    You'd be doing the same thing I mentioned above, but for the cost of books instead of tuition. Boot camps are an even bigger waste, anything that promises a pass in 5 days is a **** crash course or a lie. It'd be like purchasing a SAM's teach yourself to be a doctor in 21 days book. Do you think that will prepare you to actually be a doctor?

    If you really have a need to spend money, I'll take check or money order and I can become your personal tutor for the Network+. Let me know as I need some more lab equipment for the CCNP.
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    CCNP, 70-620 Vista 70-290 Server 2003
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