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Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations on which books to read for the 70-298 and 70-299, by that I mean which publishers have the best material for these exams? Is MS Press any good or would I be better off with Sybex or Syngress for these two?

Any thoughts or options would be greatfully received.

Is a month or two a reasonable time frame to prepare for these exams (I am fresh from the 293 (reviewed the 291 notes and labs whilst studying for the 293) and passed the 294 a month or so ago)?
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    I'd just use the MS Press book for 299 for both. The 298 book read like a tome of best practices that would make an awesome reference, but it wasn't at all good for learning. 298 is just all the security concepts from 291, 293, and 299 in a design format, so if you've been paying attention to best practices and things like that along the way, you should be in pretty good shape.
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    Thanks Dynamik. Much appreciated.
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    I agree. I have both. the 299 goes into a lot of detail that the 293 and 291 don't cover as much. I am in chapter 3 of 298 and it is basically a set of guidelines you should implement depending on the situation you're in. I'm finding myself skimming through some of it, as it review for some areas. It is a good reference for the MS way of doing things, which should help on the exams.
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