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We all seem to be spending a lot of our own time and money to keep abreast of new developments. e.g. I've recently got my MCSA 2003 but am now looking down the server 2008 route. we have not upgraded yet but I'm learning about it in advance.

Do you think that our employers should share some of these costs?
e.g. costs for books, training videos, exam fees, courses ???

I've been lucky to get my employer to pay for a couple of my exams in the past and fund some microsoft courses.

As money is tight at present in all walks of life, do you think that employers should help out with such expenses, especially as we are studying in our own time, after all its for their benefit.

Thoughts please?


  • blargoeblargoe Member Posts: 4,174 ■■■■■■■■■□
    If it is a company mandate to maintain a certain level of support while at the same time staying abrest of the latest MS platforms, they should at least give you the time to learn on on the clock with the resources that are out there freely available, maybe some books. If they require certification, they should pay for training.

    If upgrading to 2008 server is not a priority for the company, there wouldn't be any reason for them to pay for you to learn it.

    My two cents.
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  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I have my employer reimburse me for my training/certification expenses. At least they're supposed to. I currently have $3k from that on a CC, and I'm consequently looking for a new job ;)
  • NightShade03NightShade03 Member Posts: 1,383 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Where I work they reimburse you for all certifications (as long at you pass) and like dynamik I have about $2500 worth of reimbursement (expect no CC for me I already got the money back :D)
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