Excel formula help!

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Hi Guys,

Just needing some help with a couple of excel formulas I have. When they have no value, it appears as #NUM!. I want this to be blank.

The formulas are below:

First Column:
=INDEX(Range_text,SMALL(IF(TRANSPOSE(ROW(INDIRECT($F$1&":"&$F$2)))=Range_num,ROW(Range_num)-MIN(ROW(Range_num))+1,""),ROWS(D$4:$D8 )))

Second Column:
=INDEX(Range_num,SMALL(IF(TRANSPOSE(ROW(INDIRECT($F$1&":"&$F$2)))=Range_num,ROW(Range_num)-MIN(ROW(Range_num))+1,""),ROWS($D$4:E8 )))

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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