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Well i am on chapter 5 of the cisco press CCENT/CCNA ICND1 book and i am loving all the great information. My concern is the lab aspect of it. I have decided to take the two test route to my CCNA and for now have decided to use packet tracer as a means of practicing the hands on for at least my CCENT test. My first question is should this be enough or do i need real equipment? My second question is where do i find labs for packet tracer and how do i learn the program to know if i am doing anything right? I have messed around with it for a while but i just need more tutorials and labs that give me a step by step so i can understand the process.

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    Packet Tracer is fine for the CCNA as you really only need to know the basic commands. It is the best tool for getting familiar with the Cisco IOS in my opinion. I did have a switch and a router but you need PT for building up decent size networks.

    As for labs, well i started with the labs from Todd Lammles sybex CCNA study guide. That should be enough to get you started. Also the Chris Bryant (train signal) material is very good for labs. I bought his ultimate CCNA study guide which really helped.

    Another good option for labs is the CBT Nuggets videos. I followed along with the guy and set up the networks like in his videos. Very helpful in drilling in the concepts.
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    Check out this thread for a great lab workbook:

    Instead of using Packtracer I would recommend checking out GNS3.
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