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I work at a IT shop as a IT Intern. Recently a co-worker of mine resigned from the company. The title he held was IT Technician. I had a talk with my boss "Director of IT" for a job since our IT Technician is leaving. There is a meeting today to see if they will put me on board.My boss see two title he may give me if things work out. Desktop Administrator or LAN Administrator. Honestly either or would work for me. Better than being a Intern.Lets say it all goes well what would be a salary to ask since I have been with them for over a year. I do not want to be greedy, but I was getting paid crap as an Intern. I am in Florida.Also, if I get the job should I recommend being called "Enterprise Desktop Administrator" . Now that sounds cool lol.The company never had this position before so it is new. Thanks in advance.
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    Titles aside, what would your actual responsibilities be?

    Good luck!
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    As of right now:

    Computers (Deploying,Repair,Maintenance)
    Active Directory (Add/Remove users, etc)
    Backup via BackupExec
    Cellphone Setups
    PCI Compliance (learning)
    Help Desk (make sure tickets are being distributed correctly,etc)
    AntiVirus (Symantec Deployment via console to all remote locations)
    Activating/Deactivating Security Card (Entry to building)
    Servers (Creation of RODC for remote units) - currently working on.
    MS Exchange (learning)

    This is just some of the things I do. I am still learning a lot. Obviously these section can go into greater detail. If it is needed I can add them. It is early in the morning so I am still sleepy lol.

    Can someone move this thread please.
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    I really don't think you can ask for your title. It will be pretty much whatever the company sees fit. It does however sound like a very good chance for you to learn about server administration. It should be a nice stepping stone in your life. I really don't know what to say about the salary. I'm going to say since you have only a little experience so far, it will probably be between $25-35k a year. Your offer may vary :).

    Good luck to you!
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