subnet zero on ICND???

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When configuring the number of networks/hosts on the ICND test, or any cisco test, is using subnet zero a vaild answer?? I know that some are probably sick of answering this question but I am seeing it both ways in my study material. I was taught 2^n in one Cisco training class but in the Sybex CCNA (Lammle) it's (2^n)-2. Thanks for help, c__g
Thanks for the help, -cg


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    it is my understanding that the questions for ICND will specify whether or not subnet zero should be used. In the event that it isn't specified, I will assume it's still unusable because that's all the CCNA Academy Curriculum has been teaching
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    Agreed. In all my training material it is (2^n)-2. Although it would probably work fine, it wouldn't be "cisco correct".
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    In all questions u do - 2, which is a network pratice. But if they say the are using ip subnet zero then u don't need to do -2.
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