Passed 291!!!

harkle3harkle3 Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
Took the test today and passed with a score of 747. It wasn't the score I was looking for (mid 800s would of been nice), but I will take it.

Next is 640-801 (CCNA). My goal is to complete this in 5 weeks (book, labs, and CBTnuggets).


  • mrmcmintmrmcmint Posts: 492Member
    Thats excellent! congrats!
    What study materials did you use?

    5 weeks for ccna? i take it you have a lot of experience in the field? :D
  • dynamikdynamik Posts: 12,314Banned
    Wow, I think five weeks for the CCENT alone would be very ambitious. You're not starting from scratch, are you?

    Regardless, congratulations on getting 291 out of the way icon_thumright.gif
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