whats the toughest exam in CCNP?

trackittrackit Member Posts: 224
I hope to soon complete my CCNA and then im thinking to go for CCNP. (if i dont decide to do CCNA Sec first)

So, im wonderig what is toughest and whats easyest exam in CCNP in your opinion?


  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    For me the hardest was BCMSN and the easiest was probably ONT.

    I've never worked to heavily in a switched environment so a lot of the stuff I was learning for the BCMSN was new to me. On the other hand I've worked mostly in routed WAN environments so the majority of the routing stuff I already had a great grasp on for the BSCI. I was working as a VoIP engineer when I did the ONT so a lot of my days were spent doing QoS work anyway so there wasn't as much learning to do. ISCW was in the middle really for me as far as prior knowledge for the exam.

    In the end it varies by person.
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    I found BSCI to be the most difficult, the breadth of information you must know is intimidating. I would say it ties with BCMSN though. Ultimately which ever CCNP exam you take first is probably the hardest (I took and failed BSCI first), the jump from associate to professional level exams can be a doozy.

    ONT was the easiest for me too, VoIP interests me, so it wasn't hard to study for.
  • trackittrackit Member Posts: 224
    kalebksp wrote: »
    the jump from associate to professional level exams can be a doozy.

    the more reasons to go for it then ;)
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    I began with BSCI, because I heard it was the most difficult. I felt very happy after I passed, so it must be true :)
  • ColbyGColbyG Member Posts: 1,264
    Toughest was BSCI, by far. Easiest was BCMSN or ISCW.
  • CGN_SpecCGN_Spec Member Posts: 96 ■■□□□□□□□□
    BSCI is the most difficult
  • nice343nice343 Member Posts: 391
    Bsci is not a joke
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  • accelyaccely Member Posts: 101
    BSCI definitely hardest

    BCMSN was more fun and not as challenging.

    I'm on the ISCW now and it's not too bad. enjoying it because I'm starting to really like the security stuff.

    If you're looking at the CCNA:Sec, as I am too, it overlaps ALOT with the ISCW so you might want to try and do these around the same time. I compared the ISCW and CCNA:Sec CBTNuggets and they both primarly cover AAA, IPSEC/GRE VPN's, IOS firewall

    I plan on knocking out the ONT to finish my CCNP then reviewing the CCNA:Sec material and taking it.
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  • SysAdmin4066SysAdmin4066 Member Posts: 443
    BSCI was hardest so far. BCMSM not as hard but definitely not to be taken lightly. Studying for ONT now, seems a bit easier than both.
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