Anyone look into or attend O'Reily School of IT?

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Anyone ever try, look into, or attend O’Reilly School of Technology? I was exploring the website after someone on this board posted links to the site as part of a +Linux 2009 study guide. After some research I found, that the credits are only counted as continuing education, but you can go at your own pass and get a sandbox of sorts/ virtual lab for any class you are working on. I posted some links below, I ‘m just looking for comments and opinions.

O'Reilly School of Technology
Valuable Certification Training for Your Career
Earn a Certificate for Professional Development from the University of Illinois Office of Continuing Education upon completion of each online certificate program.
Database Administration Certificate
This series is comprised of four courses covering the core technical and theoretical skills necessary for a complete understanding of database administration using the popular open-source technologies MySQL, Talend Open Studio, and Mondrian.
> Become certified as a DBA
Java Programming Certificate
This series is comprised of four courses covering beginning to advanced Java programming and object-oriented concepts, as well as skills using the Eclipse open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
> Learn java and earn java certification using the Eclipse IDE
PHP/SQL Programming Certificate
PHP and MySQL go hand in hand; the former has been carefully adapted, through the efforts of the open-source community, to the latter. This brand-new series will take you from novice to expert in a four courses.
> PHP programming and mySQL or SQL Server training
Linux/Unix System Administration Certificate
Learn how to administer Linux/Unix systems and gain real experience with a root access account. The four-course series covers the Unix file system, networking, Unix services, and scripting.
> Computer networking training on the Linux or Unix platform
Client-Side Programming Certificate
Featuring AJAX, this series will give you the skills and experience needed to create rich user experiences on the Web, from beginning HTML to Google Maps APIs.
> Learn web design and how to make your own website
Web Programming Certificate
Learn how to develop web applications and pick up valuable hands-on experience. The six-course series covers HTML, JavaScript, XML, SQL, Perl, and Unix.
> Create a website in OST's web design school online
Open Source Programming Certificate
Acquire the skills necessary for a complete understanding of programming using open source operating systems, languages, libraries, and databases. This five-course series covers CGI programming with Perl, SQL database programming, PHP programming, object-oriented programming with Java, and basic Linux/Unix system administration.
> Open source programming courses to create Linux or Unix based websites
.NET Programming Certificate
Beginning and intermediate programmers will get a solid foundation in .NET programming. The certificate series includes these three courses: Learn XML; Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming; and Learn C#.
> .NET and ASP training for the Microsoft .NET framework
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