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Just wondering if anyone has sat the CWTS exam? I'm using the Sybex book but wondering if there is a need to use more than one? Is the Sybex book enough for this entry level cert?

I'm enjoying this book though.

Any information would be great.




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    I have been reading that same book also and the material seems to be quite straight forward as well as simple. Use the CWTS practice exam, see how you do once you've completed the book. I bet you will probably be scoring pretty high since many of the in-book practice test questions seem to be the same questions just reworded. Just read carefully during the tests. It would appear that the author is letting on that the exam gives more weight to comprehension rather than technical information.
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    Good to know your using the same book! I'll be using the book practice questions as well as the ones I got on the CWNP web site. Its a nice read and I'll expect the concept type questions!

    Are you going to take it soon? Hopefully will sit this in October.


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    There is a minor error on page 13 of the CWTS Study Guide. The errata has not yet been published but should be available soon.
    The error is in two occurrences on page 13 in the book, (802.11a and 802.11g).

    Below is how it should read on page 13;
    6, 12 and 24 Mbps OFDM required data rates
    9, 18, 36, 48, and 54 Mbps OFDM data rates are supported but not required

    The exam review questions at the back of the chapter and on the CD reflect the correct information.

    Robert Bartz
    Author, CWTS Study Guide
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    Robert, glad you are on TechExams! I'm looking forward to reviewing your CWTS book! :D
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    Thanks Robert! Its a great book and I'm enjoying the read. My role at the moment involves a small amount of wireless and this really fills in the blanks.
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