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I'm trying to figure out where to find some practice questions for the BCMSN exam. I've tried searching Google, but most things that come up look like brain ****, which I'm not interested in.

I don't mind spending money for some quality material - I just don't want to ****. Can anyone make any suggestions for me, please?
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    Have you looked at Transcender?
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    it may seem strange, but I considered that, if I fail my first BSCI try, then it'll be a practice exam! I then had an overview of the exam content :)
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    dynamik wrote: »
    Have you looked at Transcender?

    I haven't. I'll check it out. Thanks.
    More systems have been wiped out by admins than any cracker could do in a lifetime.
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    I grabbed the BCMSN offic. exam certification guide, and used the questions on the disc in the back. So far they seem pretty good, hitting all the material within the book and a little more. You may give that a try, you can pick the book up used on amazon w/unoponed cd for pretty cheap.
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    There aren't all that many Practice Exam companies providing Legal material....


    um... um... um... and probably a couple more that I don't remember right now.
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    I am using Boson for my BSCI and I find it very helpful.

    For the BSCI it contains 3 practice exams, two of them 65 questions, one 64 questions.

    It also contains drag and drop questions and simulations where you have to go into devices (routers in case of bsci) and configure them.

    Each question has a detailed description of why the correct answer for that questions was correct and why the incorrect choices were incorrect. The descriptions also contain information related to the questions, but that was no necessarily one of the choices given . For instance if they give you for multicast addresses and ask you which one is limited scope, under the description after it explains each choice given and why it was correct or incorrect, they will also list all the scopes of multicast addresses, even the ones not included in the possible answers. They discuss the logic needed to select the correct answer as opposed to just spitting out a text book definition to you.

    In addition each question provides links to articles on the internet (mostly cisco papers) that explain the information further or serve as a source for where the information came from.
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    Transcender is great.
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