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I apologize if this has been brought up before. I’m totally new to Linux scene and was wondering which version(s) I should focus on for Linux+. Searching around the Web on this topic can be a little overwhelming. Everyone has a different opinion. And because of the free source code – everyone created their own version. I’m just looking for a simple version that I can learn from – more command line than a GUI. Note: I plan on taking the updated version – not the 2001 version.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    No problems dood.

    Pick any of Fedora (Red Hat), Mandrake or Suse for a reasonable start. There are many others and about 10 million opinions on each of them. The way I see it is that except for a few differences where they put things when you are command line only there isn't that much difference.
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    Thanks, RussS - this is the type of feedback I'm looking for!!
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    I picked those three for several reasons actually.
    Fedora/Red Hat is currently in most of our clients who use *nix on their servers.
    Suse has just been purchased by Novell and a very quick look at their enterprise edition make me think that it will be a solid performer when we roll it out.
    I just installed Mandrake froma set of disks I purchased last weekend and was very happy at the ease of install and the varions options available.
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    Ever since v7.1, I have been very impressed Mandrake's ease of install and suggested it to almost any newbie just based on that and the app base/options that come along with it.

    Worked with RHat 6, 7 but never have had a chance to play around with Fedora or Suse but I really wanna see what this whole Ximian thing is all about. Might get into a few classes and get CLE certified as soon as I can afford to / is possible.
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