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Afternoon Guys,

Im getting through the CCNA:Security book quite nicely now but I havent really done much lab practice. Ive gone through the SDM a few times but thats about it, I just wondered what resources people are using to do some lab work.

I know theres a CCNA:Security lab manual out now but its not out in the UK till the end of September.

Any help would be great :)



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    I took the test right before the lab book was released. I setup the following in the lab:

    R2 (Internet Cloud)

    Setup ZBF and IPS on R1.
    Penetration / IPS signature testing from R3->R1.
    Manually added a DMZ to R1 and permitted HTTP and FTP from R3.
    Manually setup rules to allow SDM and SSH on R1 from R3.
    VPN between R1<->R3 (both via CLI and SDM).
    L2 switchport security.

    I also setup a syslog, ACS (eval), and Windows RADIUS server on the LAN side of R1 (all in VMware). Logged everything to the syslog box, and setup the AAA to authenticate with 1) TACACS+, 2) RADIUS, and 3) local, then shutdown the servers one at a time and debugged the authentication/failover process.

    Those are the labs that come to mind. Basically, just recreate everything in the book. :)
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