OSPF and EIGRP Authentication

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When configuring OSPF and EIGRP authentication, can you create a separate password for each physical link?

Does AS (EIGRP) or area id (OSPF) come into play?

I know EIGRP uses a key chain system, and that you can have multiple keys (defined by a number) in a set (Defined by a string), and I believe that when authenticating, if multiple keys are configured EIGRP picks what ever key number matches.

OSPF does not use key chain, but is configured solely on the interface, which leads me to belive that I could have a different password on each interface, but I am unsure.

Thank you.
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    I guess you can as in the interface level command you have to specify Keychain Name ( for eigrp). You can use another keychain for other interfaces.

    For Ospf it is obvious that you can as you have to type the password on the interface level.

    I'll give it a shot and try it, ...
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