Dumb Powerpoint Question

brad-brad- Posts: 1,218Member
Lets say I have four images. I want a single powerpoint slide to rotate between those four images - kind of like a slideshow that rotates the images on one slide. Is that possible? Google is giving me nothing.


  • JBrownJBrown Posts: 308Member
    AFAIK, there is no such thing as rotating 4 images on 1 slide. You can do 1 image per slide and then keep looping the slides.
    Or you can expand each image to fit into the slide and then use timing option for each image to "slide in/ appear" loop. But it will loop only once, and its time consuming to setup the timings.
  • brad-brad- Posts: 1,218Member
    i had a hunch i couldnt do it...i would need to make something like an animatetd .gif
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