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Are there any lab portfolio books for the CCSP like there are for the CCNP? I found the labs helpful and can't seem to find much of anything for the CCSP...


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    There's not much; it sucks. The track changes so fast that people have a difficult time keeping up. I heard about some people getting a sneak peak at a SNAF Cisco Press book, so hopefully that'll be out soon. I couldn't find out anything about it though; I guess they got a code to access it on Safari.

    It seems like the digital shortcuts and old-fashioned research are the way to go about it. Time to kick things up a notch at the pro-level :D

    How far out is your CCNA:S for you?
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    Other than the Cisco Press Quick Reference Guides and Cisco Documentation there really isn't much "Certification Specific" for the CCSP exams.

    You can try using the older Certification books and the new "Topic Books" -- but you're going to have to spend a bunch of time comparing the table of contents against the Exam Blueprints to figure out what's worth reading as part of Certification study.

    The only lab books out for Cisco Security is the new Cisco Network Academy lab book out for the CCNA:Security -- or the CCIE Security Technology Workbooks from IPExpert, InernetworkExpert, and CCBootcamp.
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    @dynamik - I was afraid that there were no real books and it would mostly be research, oh well I guess that's why they call it a Cisco "Professional" exam. Honestly my CCNA:Security studies are over with....I keep reviewing them just so that I have the material in my head but honestly the only thing holding me back from the exam at the moment is the cost of it icon_rolleyes.gif I just started my new job today and I needed to make sure I had money in case the new payroll didn't kick in within the first two weeks, so hopefully after that first paycheck rolls in I'll book it. Are you going after CCNA:Security too?

    @mikej412 - I actually just bought the CCNA:Security lab book and I'm not too impressed. I feel that the material covered in the book is a little to much of the hand holding factor. I liked the lab portfolio's for the CCNP which is why I bought the one for CCNA:Security. Either way I worked through the whole book. In the long run I'm going after my CCIE:Security so would it be worth the time now to just read some of those level books to cover the areas I need for the CCSP topics (like you mentioned IPExpert, InernetworkExpert).
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    Yep, I'm working on ICND2 at the moment, and it's full speed into CCNA:S after that. I'm shooting to be done by both by the end of October, but life events might slow that down a bit.
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