Whats the scoop on 70-237?

Of the MCTS exams, I have done only 70-621 and 70-431. I havent done or looked at anything else, no server 2k8, and I'm brand new to exchange.

Given that I have zero working knowledge and zero experience with exchange, does anyone have any specific recommendations as far as study material goes? I just bought the 'unleashed' book from amazon, and depending on the learning curve and complexity, may get the CBT Nugget or Trainsignal - if anyone has seen both and has a preference, holla.

We are going to install and begin using 2007 with software assurance to bump us up to 2010. I have a hunch i should just wait for the 2010 exam materials to come out...but in the meantime i will be reading up on exchange. We are ordering a beefy new server today to house exchange and sharepoint...so i need to get up to snuff quickly.

I was just wondering teh basics, like what kind of test is it, how many sims, degree of difficulty, prep time?


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    236 is the first Exchange exam; 237 and 238 are the pro-level exams for the MCITPs.

    I didn't get any sims on any of those three. From least to most difficult: 237, 238, 236.

    The "How to **** at Configuring Exchange 2007" book is probably the best for getting up and running quickly since you can just look up the specific task you're trying to do and read about how to go about that. It's almost like a cookbook. The Master Exchange Server 2007 book is another great book. I used those for my 236 prep, and they covered almost everything else for the other two exams as well.
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