scandisk and chkdsk?

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Hey everyone can anyone list what operating systems have scandisk and which ones have chkdsk. I have the core out of the way and take the os tomorrow and for some reason forgot this. If I remember right windows 2000 brought chkdsk back but i want to be sure. Thanks a lot...this web site is great.


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    i think dos, nt, win2k and xp use chkdsk, while win9x uses scandisk. do you think the same?
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    Yeah I do believe your right...well I passed the os test today so now im officaily a+ on to network +...thanks for your response
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    congrats on the pass, and i guess you probably didn't see the reply until after the pass, right?

    by the way, did you get a question were you needed to know which versions of windows used chkdsk or scandisk? LOL.
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  • sachaossachaos Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□ were right..I didnt see it till after the post but luckily there wasnt a question about it. :D
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    after the test i mean
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    had the same question an hour before my exam
    i asked my teacher what was the difference he told me that old DOS used chkdisk while scandisk was used be windows 9x and above
    chkdisk if used with fat32 will disroy your long file names because it can only support 8 charecters in a file name while scandisk supports up to 255 charecters
    also chkdisk is not gui while scandisk in gui and could be non gui like in windows me it is gui but in windows 98/95 it is kind of text with colors trying to make it look gui
    i hope this helps others before taking the test
    i also did not get any question on it but it was nice to know it
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