Pretty tough core 1 i got...

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phew..barely passed with a 574..i thought i had it covered pretty well by studying the 2001 A+ books, but 2003 1 was bit different.

It has also: icon_eek.gif

1. SECC questions
2. qns on wireless tech(802.3a & b)
3. ISDN Types

Be very sure abt:

1. IRQ,DMA,IO Address
3. processes of laser printer
4. qns on wireless tech
5. AT modem commands
6. Pentium to AMD processor types and speed.
7. Memory Module Pin count.

well, glad i passed though.. :D


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Man, A+ is no more about being a PC "technician". Just feels like it covers basics of mostly every vendor neutral certification out there. Congrats on the pass yo.
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    icon_cheers.gif My Congrats!!!!
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    Good job! The CPU's were the hardest for me to learn! icon_mad.gif
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