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I'm confused about RS-232, UTP and STP. If What are the different cables for UTP and what are the cables for STP? i kno 10baseT, 100BaseTX, and 802.5 are UTP , but Im still confused about the rest of the cables. What categories are they in?
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    To my knowledge I have always thought of them to be like this:

    RS-232: Serial cable connection

    STP: Shielded Twisted Pair cabling usually used in Token Ring to help in more reliable data communication.

    UTP: Unshielded Twisted Pair. Typically what you find on a 10baseT network.

    Both STP/UTP use the following: Cat 3 - 5e cabling. Cat 3 = 4 mbps, Cat 4 = 16 mbps, Cat5 = 100 mbps, Cat5e = up to 1 Gpbs.
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    Check out the Technotes, about half way down, it explains cabling a bit.
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