Should I get my MCSE?

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I'm trying to decide what to do with my life. I'm an MCP (70-210) and working on my CCNA (almost done).

I work as a sysadmin. My job responsibilites are adding/deleting users from active directory, editing GPOs, moving users profiles, setting up PCs, installing software etc...

At home I have a cisco lab, active directory box, dhcp/dns server etc. No advanced settings on them really. I have it set up similar to work.

What kind of jobs do MCSEs hold? I really am leaning more towards the network engineer field as I have a very good understanding of tcp/ip etc. Should I concentrate on cisco or microsoft?


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    A good way to see what type of jobs certs offer is to go to and do a job search using the keywords of the cert.

    ie: MCSE -> search. You can narrow it down to state/country, whatever.
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