New MoBo, Hair pulling problems

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Ok, heres the story, my pc came in from NEWEGG last week and this weekend I had some two divided over the two days to throw it together.
P4 3.0E Prescot
DFI LanParty 875B MoBo

When I had finally pieced all together, the pc booted up nicely. But instead of letting it boot into XP, (because I didn't feel like going through the MS clearing house at the time) I went into my bios and figured I would navigate through there for the short amount of time I had to fool around. While I was on my adventure, I noticed there was a section for CPU fan, and it was disabled. So I thought that was strange and I enabled it. The only other settings that I made were to the clock, which was off a day and set my bios password.

when the pc rebooted, it gave off five straight beeps and then powered itself down. I have looked high and low on DFIs website to find a solution, but other than tweaking, they are no help. I am going to check Phoenix's site, since I am running their award bios with CMOS RELOADED. The thing that stinks is that I can't get into the bios to change these settings back to default and feel that I may have to flash the bios. I am hoping it is not my cpu because I am unsure of the exchange policy, after I had already put Artic Silver on it.

If anybody has some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. I just wish I had some time where I could sit down with the thing and put some serious concentration into it.

Thanks in advance!


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    Have you tried clearing the CMOS jumper? If that doesn't work I would just boot it with CPU, Ram, and Video to eliminate any conflicts.

    Dunno, maybe the board is bad icon_confused.gif
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    That is the logical thing to do, time is the only issue. Because I need to nip this problem in the butt and if it turns out to be faulty hardware, then I need to figure it out and exchange pretty soon. icon_mad.gif IF there was only a couple more hours in the day icon_mad.gif

    Thank you
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    You get past the POST? THEN beeps as Windows starts? Can't get to safe mode?
    5 beeps, in some bios, is 'processor error' (AMI v4.5) so can you check the codes? But Phoenix uses breaks between beeps.

    THIS is from a SIEMENS site:

    Maybe you can find more.

    IF Otherwise, THEN re-seat the CPU & BIOS chips, clear the CMOS.
    ELSE - replace the motherboard.
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    Links to the PDFs with the post and bios beep codes for AMI, Award and Phoenix (the latter two are the same) are listed in my CMOS/BIOS/POST TechNotes:
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    I would reset the CMOS jumper. The fan disabled setting is not the actual power for the fan, but a hardware monitor, to let you know the RPMs, or if it has stopped completely. Although, I wouldn't think that would cause five beeps, which are not defined by Phoenix. Check your manual for the procedeure to reset the CMOS jumper, usually very simple and quick.
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    Thanks everybody for the advice. I ended up reseting the jumper and now I just need to find the time to reset a couple of values. Was kind of hoping to finally play Doom3 this weekend, but that obviously didn't happen. Thanks again.
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