Passed 70-293 today !!!

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Passed with an amazing 983 , I did pretty well in my 291 exam so I wasn’t really too tense about this one,but I didn't really think that I would do this well,, ,The questions were really long and their were a lot of simulations and drag and drop questions, but based on the material that was questioned on, in the exam once you understood the material in 291, and studied your Group Policies, PKI and take you time and read all the questions carefully before choosing an answer this exam shouldn’t be a problem.
The materials I used for this exam where: MS Press, Sybex, Syngress, CBT Nugget’s, Google and a lot of practice using VMware with win2k3 installed.
I was hoping on doing my 70-294 next but since I already have the MS Press Book for 70-620 I guess I just do that first and then move on to 294.....besides I hear that 70-620 isn't really that hard.


  • PsoasmanPsoasman Senior Member Member Posts: 2,687 ■■■■■■■■■□
    Congrats, that is a nice score. the 294 is a different beast than 293, so if you need a break, I'd do the 620, which is easy.
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    Congrats! Dang thats a good score.
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    Congratulations on an amazing pass - im currently studying for my 293

    i did ok with 291, but noticed you mentioned about GPO

    is there alot on GPO - because this maybe be a weak point for me

    i have used PKI / CA alot and have a deep understanding of the subject so that does not worry me - however im weak on GPO / AD

    good luck with your next exam - 620 and 622 are a breeze
  • jojopramosjojopramos Member Posts: 415
    wow, great score... congrats....
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    Gotta be one of the best scores out there; testament to the amount of study you did, given the sources that you listed. I doubt you'll have too much trouble with the 294.

    Congrats, definitely one to hang on the wall.
  • Johnny JohnsonJohnny Johnson Member Posts: 241
    Wow! What a phenomenal score! Congratulations! :D
    Next up: 100-101 ICND1 :study:

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    Congrats on the pass mate, am studying 293 for now...
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    Awesome score!!.. I will be starting this one tonight. Passed 291 this morning.
  • leefdaddyleefdaddy Member Posts: 405
    Congrats on the pass!!
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    You obviously studied hard. icon_cheers.gif

    I will take this test soon.
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    Congrats on the pass, and good luck with the 70-294 and 70-620 exams. :D

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    Good Job!
    Next up
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  • JBrownJBrown Member Posts: 308
    murdatapes wrote: »
    Good Job!
    Good Job indeed. 291 was a breeze in the park compared to 70-293. Have never seen questions such long as in 293 and most of them with sub-questions in them.
  • manny355manny355 Member Posts: 134
    congrats...I crapped up my first attempt on 293...and I haven't had a chance to retake since I started class for CCNA...class is almost over and i'm thinking about putting the packet tracer lab away and picking up the windows lab I was using for MCSA again...its been a nice break.
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