DBA Position wat exams to shoot for

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Hi Guys need ur input in this .. been goin on for weeks but our database administrator just hand in his resignation and seeing i was his deputy ... they will ask me to take over or appoint someone else if i reject it .... question is ... am studying for 293 ( wich is tougher than i thought ) ... Maybe is wise to shoot for DBA ( 2005 ) thats two exams extra cause i will be doing alot of SQL admin stuff and alot of reporting
my question is is DBA a good qualification to have ? or wise to finnish the last 3 mcse subject NB: only server side i work is set up my webservers ( thats why i did mcsa in first place )
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    ive seen more folks with the oracle creds then msft. is the dba job something you would like? does your employer want to see certified dbas? i would finish up the mcse before considering the sql certs.
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    my employers i think consider mcse more than anything else ... and i seen some oracle dba positions in the papers the past weeks ... but there is no place in this country to study oracle most oracle dba are recruited from SA ... in all our DB's running sql ,05 ...... oracle is one that i find mysterious and a bit fascinating .... if there is a way to study for it i will, knowledge of oracle is a killer here but for now is all about mssql
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    I think the MCSE is a good one to get then. The second MS SQL 2005 exam really built on the information in the MCSE as well as other exams like Security+ and Server+. I think it is very good idea to complete it before finishing MCITP DBA 2005.
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    Thanks, will finnish my MCSE hopefully by January 2010 not seen any job post here askin for MCITP DBA yet ... they still stuck on MCDBA
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