funny CBT Nuggets GWGK & TUC from Jeremy

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After an earthquake in our team (manager fired), finally I am back to my CCVP track. As before, I dig my head into Jeremy's new video clips on GWGK & TUC.

They are as good as CVoice & CIPT4 but hey, I was very surprised on the last clip of each course. Jeremy listed the passing score range (810-820) which is a really narrow range. Also in the last clip of TUC, he admitted some one sent him a PDF file when he was preparing to renew his CCIE. Later he found in the exam that PDF consists more than 90% questions. Yes, it's a **** or **** or whatever you may call.

I must say I am biased on him so I appreciate his being honest. On the other hand, somehow I feel these exams are kind of separated from our real work. (Disclosure: I am support CUCM/CUCME/Cisco GWs...everyday, although only for 2 years). These exams have many topics/areas that we have never touched so far.

I am wondering if working in a sell-side firm is different? Such as a Cisco golden partner... On the other hand, due to the severe recession (or depression if you like), I heard quite some companies put on hold their telephony upgrade or switch to cheaper solutions. Mind gurus here to give us some hints?

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    most voip implementations dont even use Gate Keepers. They use locations for CAC with centralized clustering. So yes it is true that some things on the exams might not be used in the real world for certain individuals but I think is good to have an overall knowlege of the product
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    I use to work for a partner and we only had a gatekeeper deployed in our hosting voip solution. When we deployed call managers to companies even over 100 sites we never used H323 just MGCP so the gatekeeper wasn't needed. In my current job which uses a lot of video we have to use H323 and SIP for a lot of the setups so gatekeepers are everywhere.
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