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my friend just got back from taking the exam.. said theres a new sim that we havent studied for. (he nailed a 914)

it's a backup sim, so make sure if you're taking the exam, to brush up on your backup knowledge..

full, incremental, differential..

should be labs out there that uses windows GUI tool/utility..

anyone else get this?

best of luck to test takers icon_thumright.gif


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    I don't want to go into detail and violate the NDA, but I think I know what question you're talking about. It was a toughie, but I wouldn't say that it (or any of the other sims or questions for that matter) are something that folks wouldn't already be studying and practicing. I used TestOut to prepare for the 290, and while it obviously didn't give me every possible scenario, it had plenty of multi-part sims that were good practice for the sims on the exam.
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  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    my buddy went into detail on the sim, I didnt want to piss anyone off so I wanted to be broad.

    neither I or my other class mates ever got that sim back in January, so I assumed it was new..

    just trying to help a lil bit. definitely need to know backups anyways for those multiple choice questions anyway.
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