CCSA prep

So it looks like I will be doing a 5 day CCSA course next month, with the intent of sitting the CCSA exam afterward.

I have the CCSA NGX 65 I & II coursebooks, but is there any other reading material out there I should grab? Also looking to buy a Nokia box to use as a lab at work, can I run the SMARTserver right on the gateway with it? At work we have a separate server but imagine it would work the same otherwise?

Finally, how big of a jump is it from the CCSA to the CCSE?


  • sidsanderssidsanders Member Posts: 217 ■■■□□□□□□□
    ccse used to cover cvp related items which in my view have kind of fallen off in use with chkp. Certification: CCSE NGX R65 . interesting, they added clusterxl, which if you have used it, is really nice.

    i would get the demo ver and do the enforcement point/mgmt server split. as i recall the ccsa, the chkp classes covered everything you would need to pass. that may have changed in the past few years though.
  • GT-RobGT-Rob Member Posts: 1,090
    ya from my experience so far with the products they seem very easy to pick up. I would think 5 full days of training with lots of labs should be enough to get me through CCSA, and hopefully get a good start on the CCSE if I choose to take it that far.
  • sidsanderssidsanders Member Posts: 217 ■■■□□□□□□□
    good luck... i tihnk you will be fine with the class. trans makes some chkp stuff though im not sure its on the latest ver from chkp.
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