install ISA2004 behind DSL router

hi all
we have 2 servers SQL and exchange2003 with XPSP2 clients , we have DSL connection 256Kbps .
information of DSL router D-LINK DSL-2640U
LAN ip address:192.168.0.x
WAN ip address: 91.144.68.x
wireless bridge : access point
bridge restrict: enabled
I m gonna install ISA2004 with 2 NIC cards but not sure if I have to keep public ip address on router , or configure public ip address on external NIC , and make router to work as bridge , or configure 2 NIC cards with private ip address and point DG on external NIC 91.144.68.X !!!!!!!
and about (CyBlock ISA) Internet Filtering & Monitoring Software anybody tried ?


  • kimanydkimanyd Banned Posts: 103
    I'd just port-forward whatever you need to your ISA Server. That way, you can offload the basic packet-filtering to your router, which will save CPU cycles on your ISA Server, and then you can use ISA for the higher-level application filtering.
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