Questions on using SYSPREP and RIS in VMWare Environment

I understand the concept of what SYSPREP and RIS do.

The question I am having is how do I do all of this in a VMWare environment. I know this is a sticking point for anyone trying to take this test cuz I did a quick search on this forum on those keywords.

For example, the MS 70-270 book gives some directions on how to upgrade Win '98, Win ME, Win '95 clients. I am not sure how to do say, take my answer file and create new Win XP Clients in my VMWare environment.


With that said, I am at a bit of loss on RIP. Again trying to do this under VMWare. I do have a Win 2003 Server and I did do the RIP snap in, however I am at a bit of loss on how to setup the three parts that are needed:

-AD (I have never setup AD or a Domain Controller before)
-DNS Server
-DHCP Server

I am using the NAT Services that are being offered by my Linksys SOHO Router. So i'm not sure if I would have to modify my current settings or not.

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