Number of right answers to pass A+ test?

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Does anyone know the amount of questions you can miss on the A+ and still pass? I dont really understand the scoring method used for the test.


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    the concept of adaptive testing is hard to understand at first. it is impossible to say how many wrong answers you can allow yourself and expect to scrape a pass.

    my observations from various a+ forums over the years, seems to point to the test having no more than thirty questions. many who pass get asked closer to the twenty mark.

    the way the test is run is along the lines of having, say three grades of questions - easy, regular and hard - there may actually be many more, and the grading of these is at the discression of comptia as different engineers will have different benchmarks of what they consider easy questions or easy topics ;) different grades of difficulty equal different points per question, which is why two people can finish their individual tests with exactly the same number of questions but different scores.

    say, you get a regular question first and answer it correctly. your next question will either be another regular question or a hard one. if you answer it incorrectly, you will likely be asked an easy question. if you have not reached the passing score after thirty questions, you have failed.

    try not to second-guess an adaptive exam. a regular exam is probably more forgiving. you may have more questions to answer, but it gives plenty of scope to still get a pass if you think you have done badly on a particular objective, whereas the adaptive exam could punish you for it - some people have remarked that if you slip up on an nt question in the operating systems exam, that you can be hit with several more.

    don't forget that comptia will allow mix and match, between the present objectives and the next objectives.

    good luck.
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    Bellboy is right, each question has a different value. When doing your test if you get to question 20 with a pass your test will be complete. If you got up to question 28 and the test is still running i would probly start to get worried.
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    getting worried at question 28 could be an over-statement. many still pass after thirty questions.
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    very true people can pass at the 30th question. But the way i see it, if your at any question over 20 with a pass rate the test would finsh. And if your at question 28 you only got 2 questions left to answer correctly, depending on your score which still might not be enough to give you a pass. Im sure the test would not finsh early if you where going to fail even if you answered the next two question correctly and still did not generate enough points.
    Thats my opion, i could be wrong.
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    Even if you get thirt questions you can still pass. I got thirty questions and passed on the 30th with a 860 i think.
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