In the Bag..

JavonRJavonR Posts: 245Member
Well, I passed my CCNA:Security this afternoon icon_cheers.gif

As others have mentioned, the overall "feel" of the exam is a tad bit easier then the ICND1 or 2 exams. I will mention that I did get a few "WTF" questions on this test surprisingly.. things that weren't even close to meeting the exam blue print. Where as I had none of that on my CCNA exams, I feel that the sims probably saved me from those. None the less I passed with a, wait for it.....

911/1000. Feel free to look at the date :O

Study materials used in order of usefulness:

CBT Nuggets
Cisco press CCNA:Sec exam cert guide

I also supplemented with the Bryant Advantage study guide to fill in gapes across all of the objectives.

Now a little drunken_smilie.gif and onto the CCNP.


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