Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
WHEW... never been so scared...

Got an 884...

now time to study for 298 for tomorrow and 299 on Sunday.

wish me luck.. no celebrations yet.



  • massiramonesmassiramones Member Posts: 57 ■■■□□□□□□□
    HEY it's 1.30 am in italy! i waited ur result !!!!!!!!
    wow im glad for ur scoreeeeeeeee!
    Very very congratulations!
    we have to be MCSE soon as possible ,right?
    well it's done now, ur right to think ur next exam, like me, i have 297 beast, but think it's brother of urs, ahhhhhhhh
    today think u passed, tomorrow God will help us!!!!!!
    Heineken time today, lol :))
    Congratulation on pass
  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    thanks man.. yeah I was 2nd one finished.. and teacher and coworkers were like damn you kicked the **** out of that exam..

    then my friend jared come down and was like yeah i got a 953.. i was like screw you man lol..


    for all those that passed we were like damn man.. we want to celebrate.. drink some beers.. but we cant..

    we have to study/cram for 298 tomorrow..

    stupid accelerated course... we just have enough time to learn the jist of it.. its expected (assumed) that you have the pre-requisites and knowledge already and this bootcamp is more or less a refresher course...

    ugh.. we'll see how i do..

    hey drink a beer for me! back to studying.. icon_study.gif

    ps. is it me or did it seem like the exam got harder since um.. march?
  • PsoasmanPsoasman Member Posts: 2,687 ■■■■■■■■■□
    congrats on the pass!
  • murdatapesmurdatapes Member Posts: 232 ■■■□□□□□□□

    Next up
    CIW Web Foundations Associatef(Knock out some certs before WGU)
    ITIL Intermediate Service Operations
  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    yesturday I got the 298 just barely with 700... whew.. I hateeeee the design exams.. the way theyre layed out.. only give you x amount of time...
    have to look through the case studies and interviews for info...
    ugh.. frustrating.. i knew the material.. just had to go searching for..

    but either way.. i got it..

    then today i smacked the 299 out of the park! 906!!

    didnt get the highest score out of the class.. but hey.. 700 or better!

    I was scaredddddd.. my 2 friends who have been scoring 800's-900's came out with 735 and 751.. or something like that.. and then another friend didn't even pass.. and he's been hitting 900's... he only scored 615...

    so yeah I didn't think I was going to pass.. so I studied scared, and took the test scared.. and idunno.. guess that worked for me.

    When I got out.. other class mates got 950's 960's and one guy got 1000/1000... but he studies ALLLL the time...

    so congrats to everyone that passed.. im so glad the torture is over..

    I'm MCSE/Security baby!icon_cheers.gif
  • kimanydkimanyd Banned Posts: 103
    Rock on, congrats!
  • massiramonesmassiramones Member Posts: 57 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Congrats on the passes, u done a nice job, and why not u was a bit lucky too! icon_wink.gif
    I still miss 4 exams for the mcse :messaging, hope in the end of the year to take all the rest!
    U have right, design exam is terrible, is a nightmare....good for u is the past, now is my present :)
  • randsmountneyrandsmountney Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
    congrats on the pass
  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    good luck with the messaging..

    yeah I think they need to extend the time on those design exams..

    i mean even if you KNOW the material, and how to design/apply to meet the requirements of the policys and concerns.

    they dont give you nearly enough time to set there and read attentively and give a good solid solution. what kind of sh*t is that!?

    its like you walk into a conferance, and before you know anything they say "WHATS YOUR SOLUTION.. tick tick tick TIME!"

    you're like what's the issue/problem? lol luckily alot of the questions I could answer with basic knowledge and not really have to go searching through case studies...

    I mean its quite obvious that you can eliminate 2 of the answers because theyre rediculously wrong and aren't feasible in anyway lol.

    I came out of the 298 exam like.. can i just take the 294 again LOL..

    I was seriously studying so much for the 294.. i thought I was going to get 1000... or damn close.. but no.. ohwell..

    thanks again everyone for the congrats and the support in much needed times.

    now I'm back to my sucky desktop support job.. and no admin tools to play with. icon_sad.gif

    is it weird to say I miss Active Directory and GPO's?

    lastnite I had dreams about security templates and local policies..

    say it with me.. " I IZ A SYSTEM ENGINEER" lol icon_wink.gif
  • snadamsnadam Member Posts: 2,234 ■■■■□□□□□□
    glad to see you passed this bad boy and finishing up your MCSE:S as well!
    **** ARE FOR CHUMPS! Don't be a chump! Validate your material with search engine

    :study: Current 2015 Goals: JNCIP-SEC JNCIS-ENT CCNA-Security
  • novovictusnovovictus Member Posts: 192
    keep shootin for it! there is nothin wrong with 'desktop support'! i spent years there, and can often make the other sys admins look like goobers when they cant figure out a registry or dll issue... LOL
    Working on: Doctor of Information Technology Information Assurance and Security @ Capella
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