newbie -Whats the best prog for study/practice exams

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I have decided to study for the A+ Croe and OS and I am more optomisitic now that I have discovered your excellent web site.
I was wondering if someone could give guidnace as to the best program to assist me, I have the M. Meyers book and stacks of tech notes but struggle learning from books.
I have read that Transcender and Cram master are quite good.
What is the most up to date and affordable?



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    As for the "best" Program?? Work with the components and/or set up a lab to practice. Read and understand the objectives as listed on Comptia's website HERE

    As well as use the technotes from here (see my sig).

    Time with hands-on practice is the best method to prepare for this exam!
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    I built two three PCs before giving my A+ core hardware and installed and tried different operating systems before A+ OS. Best way to go is the hands on experience. This site is also an excellent resource for your prepration. There are some other nice websites as well.
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