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Fu LoserFu Loser Posts: 123Member
Ok, I've found plenty of websites that claim free router simulators, but of course you go through the entire download to find out its just a demo and you need $30 to get "full access" icon_evil.gif

Has anyone found a good completely free router simulator icon_confused.gif:


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  • Fu LoserFu Loser Posts: 123Member
    I know about the router simulator they have here icon_cool.gif .

    I'm looking for a more advanced one and I can not find any on the internet.

    has anyone seen a decent router sim out their for free? icon_confused.gif:
  • forbeslforbesl Posts: 454Member
    Fu Loser wrote:
    I'm looking for a more advanced one and I can not find any on the internet.
    A more advanced simulator is probably going to require an investment on your part.
  • Fu LoserFu Loser Posts: 123Member
    i just got CCNA Delux Edition ($90, free with calss) and It has a great router/switch program with labs and a network visualizer.

    Also has the entire book in PFD and practice test/questions and flash cards.

    This is a good investment if anyone is interested.

    CCNA: Delux Edition
    By Todd Lammle
    $89.99 retail.

    Probly can get in on amazon for 1/2.
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    Sounds like a good deal. I am allways looking for "Free" stuff also , but sometimes ya gotta for good material.

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  • wildfirewildfire Posts: 654Member offer free online rack time no strings.
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  • Fu LoserFu Loser Posts: 123Member
    Thanks for the website, I'm gonna check it out now.
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    One of the first posts in this forum also lists some free router sims, I haven't checked if they're still available:
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    Thanks for the link mate :D

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