Hi Guys, Need some Advice. Please Help!

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Hi People,

I need advice on my current plan to tackle the 70-290.

My Material/Equipment:
Self Study Microsoft book, with server 2k3 trial
PVIVA Video Training
Vmware Lab (2xServer 2k3 machines and 2xClients XP)
Transcender Practice exams

My Experience:
LOL, just a little, probably a lot less than most noobs lurking the 70-290 forums. I am a CCNA and have passed my 70-270 already but that was a year ago so any chance of benefiting from the overlap of topics has already gone out the window. I use server 2k3 a little at work, sharing folders, correcting file permissions and running backups and restoring user data from backup when need be.

My Study Plan:
I plan to read through the book and run the labs on the Vmware setup. I have two machines, both networked and both running Vmware that run one server and one client each. I plan to watch the videos throughly at the same time as reading through the book and doing the labs. I will try the practice exams as soon as I finish studying and understanding the material and will use them to find my weak spots.

My Shedule: I plan to study everynight for three hours each night, and the whole day on both days of the weekend until the 14th of November. I will sit my exam on the 14th November (Its a Saturday) and hopefully pass.

My Questions for you:
1)Is this enough time for me to study and understand the topics thouroughly, I dont want to pass if I don't fully understand the topics.
2)Do I have enough material and experience in order to attempt the 70-290 exam or should I get some more real world experience.
3)Is there any other advice you can give me in general that might better my study techniques.

Thanks to all that have bothered to read this far, even if you don't reply I thank you sincerely for your time.

Failure is a stepping stone to success...


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