A+ OS exam please help!

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Hello Folks,

I am sitting my test on the 10/2/04 or for you European dudes out there 2/10/04. Anyway I feel a little anxious and nervous about my exam this weekend. I have been using Mike Meyers All-in-one A+ Certification Book along with the Faster; Smarter A+ Certification book I have read both back to back and have took 2 Transcender tests and scored around 700 out of 900 I feel pretty confident, but I do feel I do need to brush up on the files required to boot the different Windows versions and what each of the files do. I am also getting nervous because a lot of people said the OS exam is harder than the hardware exam. I walked into my Hardware exam without any studying and scored 568 just on what knowledge I had, I have been in IT for about 3-4 years but its not solid experience because I had to take jobs along the way that are less technical because of the job market here. How close are Transcenders to the real exam? Are Transcenders harder than the actual exam? Does anyone have any tips? Advice? How long is the OS exam?


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    I would say you're ok. Transcender exams tend to be a bit more difficult than the live exams. I also used Mike Myers AIO, which I thought was pretty good. You have a few great sources for your studies, and it sounds like you're ready to pass. The hardest part is the confidence. Once you have that mindset, you'll be ok.
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    I am just waiting to take this exam I feel so ready!!! I was even thinking about putting it forward. But I think I will hold back and just take it this weekend and give myself time to go over some more stuff and take more practice tests. Thank you for you advice, I really appreciate it, it helps! :D
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    Mike Myers AIO will pull you through the exam if you retained most of what you read, althought the practice questions in that book were weak. Find other questions to practice with, anywhere you can. This site is a great start. Good Luck! icon_wink.gif
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    :P i just passed my os part i believe that the core exam was a bit harder than the os. my advise to you try to take as many practice test on transcender as you can. REMEMBER IS ALL ABOUT HOW CAN YOU HANDLE A TROUBLESHOOTING SITUATION YOU GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF THOSE QUESTIONS GOOD LUCK :P
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    For me the Hardware was easy and I didnt even study icon_wink.gif so your saying the OS was easier would this mean since I have studied that I have a good chance of passing? What score did you get on both exams? If you dont mind me asking, Iam just curious. Also what resources did you use, books etc.??? Did you feel the questions where easy all the way through the exam?How many years experience do you have with PCs?
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