Could the start of the ISCW be any more unintersting?

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Geez, at least to me this stuff so far is not interesting at all. I was happy to get past the videos on Cable/DSL and the network models. I cant wait till I get to the IPsec VPNs/MPLS VPN stuff but it seems like the other "stuff" is so long and drawn out lol. Maybe i'm just burning out.

I'm on Chapter 3 of the ISCW exam guide, on the network lockdown portion of the CBT Nuggets videos and looking to start labs this weekend possibly. Depends on where I am with the videos, I want to be finished with at least the Nuggets videos. I've got Train Signal on tap, then for the last 2 months of study, I'll be running through labs practicing speedy configurations, and answering practice questions. Man I will be glad when I can take a break, I'll probably take a break between the ONT and CCIE written. 2 or 3 weeks.
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    ISCW is the first CCNP exam that I didn't get a text book for. I've been using the cbt nuggets, train signals, ISCW lab portfolio and a few pdf guides. Taking the exam tomorrow.

    After I pass the ISCW I'm immediately going to study for about 1-2 weeks and get the CCNA:Security since it overlaps a ton with the ISCW. Then finish CCNP with ONT. CCSP after that I'm thinking...
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    How did this work out for you... taking the ISCW then immediately take the CCNA Security then the ONT?

    How close was the material between the ISCW and CCNA Security?

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    Yeah, I had a flick through the first couple of chapters of the official ISCW book.

    Boring as shite.
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    The first 7 chapters for me were boring... MPLS is great, IPSec VPN's, meaty but gold in terms of learning. The rest... well that's not too bad though does seem like some of it should be CCNA level stuff (router security)
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