2 mailboxes from different domains using Outlook

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Does anyone know if it is possible to have 2 mailboxes on completely seperate domains, using the 1 Outlook client? I have tried setting up the 2nd mailbox using OWA but just get a whole bunch of RPC errors - any suggestions?


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    For the same user?

    If the two mailboxes are in the same Exchange organization, then you should be able to add it as an Additional Mailbox and have both of them visible in the same user in Outlook at the same time.

    If the mailboxes are not in the same Exchange org, you can't have the two mailboxes attached using the same Outlook profile, but you could create separate profiles for each mailbox. You just couldn't have both open at the same time using Outlook.

    You're getting RPC errors using OWA?
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    You would need to use two mail profiles on the client but both have different setups.

    1st mail profile would be auto configured by the current domain you are in (assuming that is where on of the exchange servers is located) That one should be easy. Normal Client and server exchange arrangement.

    The second Exchange server outside your domain will need to be configured with Outlook Anywhere setup correctly.

    Exchange 2007: Anywhere Access

    Which means setting up the auto discover on exchange server correctly so it can connect to the server over https

    Outlook Anywhere would I think be the solution you are looking for.

    As for the client you would need to configure the second mail profile in the following way


    Add the second mail profile via your control panel - (if 64 bit OS under the 32 bit control panel apps folder) and you should have an icon called Mail. Or you can just run from your run command C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\MLCFG32.CPL which will do the same thing

    Again I am still learning this behemoth of an application but hope this assists you and slap me if I ain't!
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    Also I found the following (apparently RPC issues with Outlook 2007 are more common than in 2003)

    RPC over HTTPS (Outlook 2007)

    This is a quote from a forum post:
    We had this very same problem and resolved it by creating a registry key.
    1. In regedit go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\RPC
    2. If the RPC key does not exist, right-click on the Outlook key and select New Key and call it RPC
    3. Go to Edit > New > DWORD Value
    4. Name it DefConnectOpts
    5. Right-click DefConnectOpts and click Modify
    6. In the value data box, type 0
    7. Exit the registry editor
    8. Relaunch Outlook

    Might assist you with the RPC issue.
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    we have had requirements to have 2 mb's from diff exch orgs up at one time. found this: http://www.hammerofgod.com/download/ExtraOutlook.zip

    configure your profiles (can do more than 2). set outlook to prompt for profile (to test), then start outlook via extraoutlook. we have run up to 4 outlook profiles at 1 time (testing). it can be a problem with auth prompts at times, though it does work. i wouldnt run this long term for my own sanity, though it did make the folks who needed this type of option happy.
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