T -17 hours, any last minute tips?

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T -17 hours, any last minute tips?



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    Get a good nights rest. Eat a good breakfeast (nothing thats going to upset your stomach) and most importantly just relax. When you walk into the test center, you either know the material or you dont....if you freak yourself out, the undue stress can cause you to second guess yourself and be nervous.

    Good luck, man.
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    Study the material that you don't think you covered enough. It might come back to get you on the actual test. Review the stuff before you take the test. Leave to the test site early, just incase of a flat tire or traffic. Get a good night sleep and get a good breakfast (no junk from fast food)in the morning but don't eat too much or you might get tired from sitting in the chair for so long. Read the question then read the answers, then read the question again and then select which answer you think is best. When you're done with the test, go back through to make sure those are the answers that you wanted. Sometimes a question will give you the answer for a different question that you had already answered, will answer, or it will help you answer a question. Good luck.
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    make a cram sheet of sorts with the stuff your weak in and read it right before you walk in the test center, like in your car or something.

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