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I passed INTRO with no problem, I actually thought it was pretty easy. But there was no Troubleshooting section on the INTRO test., and there is on the ICND. I was wondering, are the Trobleshooting questions more like "what if" questions or are they intergrated into the sim questions. Just wondering what to expect. I am expecting to complete this next month and I want to be prepared. As always, thanks for the help. c__g
Thanks for the help, -cg


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    what exactly does intro cover out of curiousity icon_confused.gif reason i ask is that i'm considering just doing the 801 straight out. but i know 2 tests equals more $$ and questions. but if this maybe avenue that i may look into further in the next coming weeks.
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    INTRO is Net+ with subnetting questions basically
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    INTRO is Net+ with subnetting questions basically
    + basic router commands/configuration (pretty large part actually)
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