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Hey guys, long time lurker, just joined finally a few days ago.

I have a few questions regarding a potential career path.

Without going into my personal detail, I have the following education/certs:

Associates in Information Technology

The last 2 years, I have had 2 jobs:

1) Doing break/fix desktop support for a company that built their own branded PCs and sold them to school systems/small businesses. I would go out and troubleshoot/repair these machines.

2) My current job, I work for a US Dept of Energy facility (private contractor) doing Help Desk\Desktop support, with some projects as well. For instance, one of my projects was to develop an imaging procedure for desktops, get the Ghost server up and running, maintain the ghost server and images, etc. I do a bunch of side projects as well as the run of the mill Help Desk.

My first question is this:

How do I break out of the Help Desk role? I have about 2 years doing desktop support/help desk and I am not sure how to make the transition towards networking. I have done a little bit of SA, Networking, and Security... and I find myself enjoying the Networking side of things more. I am not all that attracted to server administration. I have been studying for my CCNA, but.. as we all know, getting a cert doesn't mean getting a job. Would my degree, certs, and experience help land maybe a Jr networking role?

My second question:

While working for the govt, I was also asked to get a Q Clearance, the DOE equiv of DOD TS. Well, I passed all of the interviews and 10 yr background checks, etc. And I was granted the Q earlier this year. How valuable is a Q Clearance? I guess I just don't know the value of the Q Clearance and wouldn't mind some insight here from you govt folks.

My last question:

I am young, 22. I don't have a wife. I don't have any kids. And I would have no qualms relocating for a job. Actually, I would be heavily interested in this. I actually would not mind footing the relocation costs as well. My biggest concern however, is that most jobs won't look at you unless you are local. What is your current thoughts on relocating?

Thanks in advance.



  • RobertKaucherRobertKaucher Posts: 4,298Member
    Here is what I suggest:

    * Get your Security+ this will go well with your Q-Clearance.
    * Get your MCSE:Security
    * Get administrative experience in any way you can. Donate time to small businesses to set up or admin their AD domains/servers.

    I cannot imagine that your clearance will do anything but help you in your search. You might be restricted in your searching to the Energy industry but big deal.

    As far as relocating goes, the best advice that I ever heard was talk about it as if you already intended on moving to the place. If you are willing to relocate and don't need the company to foot the relocation bill, talk about it as if it were already planned.
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