Practice tests for 83-640

Has anyone tried 83-640 tests from SelfTest or Transcenders? I usually get the SelfTest product, but these are pretty expensive, so I'm hesitating.

SelfTest is $159 and Transcenders is $199. (Even though they are probably the same product.)

Has anyone tried a different vendor's practice test that worked for them for this exam?


  • BradHBradH Member Posts: 160
    I personally thought it cheaper to setup some VM's within my PC (used MS Virtual PC) and practice setting up RODCs, Domain Controllers, Sites, domains, forests even.

    Then just thinks of different ways to configure them. Here is some of the things I did, however I am sure there was more.

    Practice backing up, restoring and authoritative restoring domain controller information, removing a controller, starting with a 2003 server and upgrading it and then upgrading the domain and forest functional levels, perform backup and state backups with some restores. NTDSUtils - learn it and functionality it has with AD. Learn how to setup sites, and how to ensure that you know how to subnet them so that they are in their correct address ranges. Know how to create RODCs and have knowledge of command line functionality for Server Core environments. Know what services can and cannot run on Server core.

    As for certificates and cert services, I did the VM from Microsoft Technet to learn some of that functionality. Was a good VM!

    You don't need to buy these thing I personally think as MS provide a free download of Windows 2008 which you can trial and use for your VM's. Easiest and cheapest way of learning the material.
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  • it2bit2b Member Posts: 117
    I agree with you. I've been working through the labs in the MS book on some VMs. I just can't see spending that much on a practice exam.

    I didn't think to check for Microsofts virtual labs. Thanks for reminding me that they are there.

    I guess otherwise I will just use the practice tests that come with the MS Press book.
  • texasittexasit Member Posts: 147
    I passed the 83-640 back in July and I used the Measureup tests for practice so I would say you could skip using transcenders.I agree with what BradH said except that you don't need to know how to subnet for this exam just know how to use the slash notation.For example like or
  • Jamesm3Jamesm3 Member Posts: 72 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Trascenders seems to be a waste of time when it comes to the 2008 track. I've not been happy with them and feel I've wasted alot of money.

    Just use Measure up along with creating your own labs
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