BCMSN Wireless Supplement Docs

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Here are a few Docs to supplement the apparent lack of coverage from Cisco press. I don't know how well these cover what is on the test, but I will find out Monday.

Lightweight AP (LAP) Registration to a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)
Lightweight AP (LAP) Registration to a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) - Cisco Systems

ADU Configuration

ADU Install Release Notes
Release Notes for Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g Client Adapters (CB21AG and PI21AG) Install Wizard 2.0 [Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Client Adapters] - Cisco Systems


  • jason_lundejason_lunde Member Posts: 567
    Me either, but I will find out Saturday! Thanks for the links...I mainly rely on my experience with wireless, but have dove pretty deep into LWAPP the last couple of days. Thanks again for the links though, I will definitely give them a look. Good luck to you Monday! I take it you are a homebrewer? Amazing how many cisco guys like the taste of homebrew!
  • jason_lundejason_lunde Member Posts: 567
    I got lucky and had to re-configure an 4402 WLC and LAP at work today. A guy left, and he took the username/password with him, so I had to wipe the config and start from scratch. It was a HELL of a learning experience. I hate to say it, but the thing kicked my ass for about 4 hours! After I finally got my head wrapped around the technology though it became pretty simple. Hopefully it will help out tomm. in the exam room!

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    I forgot to comment on this.

    Yes these are good docs to supplement the wireless portion. A CCNP I work with helped me hunt them down, and they helped me on more then one question on the exam.
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