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Hi I'm en route to my CCNA and got a question about MPLS.

If a company is in the process to switch from ATM to a MPLS network, from a very high level point, what are the major impact to be expected in terms of existing equipment such as IVR and telecom/IT related stuff (not voice). Will there be any routing issues? ect.

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    Are you talking about their WAN connection is ATM and moving over to an MPLS solution from a provider?

    If so they really won't have much to worry about as everything will be changing on the provider end.
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    If the company is moving to a MPLS VPN the company would have to reconfigure their routers to peer with the service provider and possibly configure redistribution. Additionally if the company has multi-homed sites there is some filtering that has to occur depending on which protocol is used between the company and service provider.
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    its transparent to the end devices IF everything goes according to plan :). This is where you get to see if they did their homework. Get a copy of the MOP and go over it, is this going to be done in phases over multiple maint window or all in 1 night?
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    Forgive me if some of my points are redundant. But here are some areas that will change when moving to a MPLS VPN solution for the customer:

    1. You peer with the provider and not your remote router
    2. A new routing protocol may have to be introduced as most providers support a limited number of routing protocols, usually BGP and OSPF
    3. Redistribution may have to be configured
    4. Network convergence will be considerably slower since BGP scan time, BGP import scan time, and BGP update timers all come into play.

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