What are your opinions on the RHCT tutorial form VTC

The instructor is Mike Jang same guy who writes the books.

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  • sambuca69sambuca69 Posts: 262Member
    No opinions on this? I guess no one has used them yet.

    I was considering the RHCE from VTC.
  • Daniel333Daniel333 Posts: 2,073Member ■■■■■■□□□□
    I did his Linux+ videos. I can't stand his voice or tone. He just drives me crazy. I am sure he's great at what he does, but man. At the end of the day I am ready to throw something at him. It's kinda like Mr. Rogers' talking down to you.
  • He's awful. After skimming through a couple of his Linux+ videos I just got rid of them all. So unbelievably boring.
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  • TherhinoTherhino Posts: 122Member
    i'm not sure the price on it but redhat also offers virtual courses....if they give you the class booklett it is worth its weight in gold
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