how do unlock my files?

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Hey windows 7 gurus,

i have windows 7 ultimate and i want to edit some files in my profile
on my machine. get this. i am logged in as admin of the machine
but there are little gold locks on my files how in the he double tooth picks can I edit my own files? huh? logged in as admin and I cant edit my user profile files?
thanks for you helpicon_thumright.gif


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    Run whatever program you want to edit the files with as an administrator (right click the program, chose Run as Administrator), then open the files through that program. There may be an easier way, but that's what I do. (I'm not on a Windows 7 machine right now, so those instructions may not be perfect.)
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    Yeah I tried that but windows 7 is great but has some serious new crap
    you would think as admin logged in you could do that but little gold locks on the and when I right click no run as anything?I just want to open the folder ...??
    thanks for your help thoughicon_thumright.gif
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    when you say you want to edit some files in your profile, what files/folders are you trying to access/edit? Are they files you've shared or changed security settings for? Did someone else change the security settings? What happens when you try to access these files/folders - do you get an error message?

    Most likely, it's an issue with sharing/security settings. I did some googling, and I came up with a few hits you might find helpful:
    - how do I get a lock icon on my folder to come off?
    - How to remove lock icon over my folder - Windows 7 Forums
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    i figured it out the old files i had from my converto from xp to windows 7
    windows 7 kept old files and set the permission to Everyone deny all
    and I could as admin change that. big learning curve but yet the same
    concepts in windows 7 ;) thank for your help..
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