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Guys I took the JNCIA Junos pre-assessment exam and passed with 78 %.See i am actually disappointed i didnt get 100%,i know 78% is a pass but this exam is meant for guys who know nothing about Junos,i was suppose to do better don't you see that guys ?

Although i took the exam for the fun part of it and i didn't take time to read any stuff available for this new exam but i still believe i was suppose to do better as i am already in the field and ready to take the JNCIE -ER exam.


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    Don't feel too bad. I got bored and took the pre-assessment test too, I got a 92% on it. I blame missing two questions on not having any caffeine in my system yet :p

    Honestly though there was a few operational command questions that I've just never used before which I think got me.

    From what I seen the ER and M/T tracks cover the commands that are needed to cover the topics that they go over. So there seems to be that there are operational commands that are covered in the JNCIA-JUNOS that are not covered in the other tracks. Either way it seems like it may not be a bad idea to have a looksie over the JNCIA-JUNOS for this reason.

    heh, another funny thing is that after my pass I got an email saying that I didn't pass and needed to take it again. Two mins later I got another email saying congrats you passed the pre-assessment, here's your voucher :)
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    send me the link please, i wanna have a crack, ive barely touched junos so this should be fun!
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    That'll take you to the fast track home page and then you can click on the pre-assessment link for the IA-JUNOS exam.

    Now the problem for me is that I just took the pre-assessment for IS-SEC and passed. Now I need to take both exams in 3 months to make use of both of the vouchers.

    It's not a matter of studying, just a matter of taking the time to schedule ;)
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    I thought it was aimed at making it easier for cisco net pros to start converting over to juniper. The idea being that why would a ccnp, etc WANT to start again from scratch in juniper. If they made the early levels easier and cheeper, then they will start migrating quicker.

    I thought that was the idea of it. Certainly the jncia boot camp I was sent on kept making references to the cisco way whilst teaching new topics.
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    Without a doubt Juniper wants to leverage off of the networking fundamentals that so many IT professionals have learned from working with Cisco gear. I believe that is the reason why Juniper created their fast track program in the first place.

    I definitely think that the IA-JUNOS is easier then the IA-M/T or the IA-ER and thus gives people a way it ease into JUNOS. What Sump and I took was the pre-assessment exam so it may be harder then the actual exam. Plus it was only 25 questions long so you really don't have to miss much to get a lower score. Really if you just misread a few questions you'll miss a large percentage of available points.

    So the pre-assessment exam probably isn't really a good indication of how hard the actual test is but more of a indication on what material might be on the real exam.
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