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I have a question about using snapshotting in hyperV, If i have issue with a domain controller and roll back to a previous snapshop, does replcation in AD still occur?
In my under standing of replication DC1 will replicate to DC2 based on the USN number. If i make a change to DC1 and it replicates to DC so USN are #100 (for example) not only are DCs now on USN #100, but each DC is aware what USN the other DC Is. If i roll back DC2 to a previous AD where USN is 99. You would expect replication to occur. But would it. As DC2 would ask DC1 for changes and say it has USN #99. Wont DC1 reply and say, ive already replicated to you and i am aware of you being USN 100.

I hope this makes some sense.
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    In short, no kind of snapshotting or rollbacks are supported with Domain Controllers that are virtualized.

    From MS:

    "Active Directory does not support other methods to roll back the contents of Active Directory. In particular, Active Directory does not support any method that restores a snapshot of the operating system or the volume the operating system resides on. This kind of method causes an update sequence number (USN) rollback. When a USN rollback occurs, the replication partners of the incorrectly restored domain controller may have inconsistent objects in their Active Directory databases. In this situation, you cannot make these objects consistent.

    We also do not support using "undo" and "differencing" features in Virtual PC on operating system images for domain controllers that run in virtual hosting environments."

    Considerations when hosting Active Directory domain controller in virtual hosting environments
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